San Jose Property Management Advice: 10 Tips to Owners

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Advice from Bob Nastasi, a Santa Clara County Property Management expert at A to B Property Management

Advice from Bob Nastasi, a Santa Clara County Property Management expert at A to B Property Management

Owning a property can be a lot of work and as a property manager it is my job to make it more enjoyable by eliminating the stress that can come with this endeavor.

It is important to know what to expect and the right attitude to have as a homeowner.

After years of experience in Real Estate and Property Management I decided it would be important to share with you some of the best advice I have given to my owners.

  1. Treat the property as a long-term investment even if right now you do not plan to keep it long-term –you don’t know what life will through at you and your plans might change.
  2. Be realistic about the current market rental prices – this can reduce vacancy time. At the right price your property will rent out fast.
  3. A quality home = quality tenants. Make sure your home for rent will attract a quality tenant by making sure everything is functional and clean before renting it out.
  4. Keep the property updated and maintained. Preventative maintenance can reduce or eliminate major repairs.
  5. Be prepared for all types of emergencies – tenant problems, maintenance, or natural disasters. Maintaining a good rental insurance policy is a big key for that preparation.
  6. Do your due diligence and find the most qualified tenant. The wrong tenant can generate many unwanted expenses and headaches.
  7. Even the best of tenants can have problems that can interrupt the payment of rent. It is important to remain objective and fair instead of reacting emotionally.
  8. Be Organized- It is important to maintain all records of leases, repairs and maintenance etc. You never know when these will be needed.
  9. Use professional services when necessary – maintenance, accounting, legal, and more. This expense can reduce liability, inconvenience, stress and unnecessary expenses.
  10. Consult with your property management company regarding any concerns you have about your property. Staying in good communication with your property manager or tenant will resolve a lot of issues and keep things running smoothly.

My company, A to B Property Management is a leader in the field of rental property management. With over 25 years of experience in Real Estate we have helped hundreds of owners rent, sell and buy property in San Jose, Santa Clara Fremont and the surrounding area. We love what we do and hopefully this article was helpful to you.
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I have been licensed as a real estate agent and loan agent in the State of California since 1985 and started A to B Realty and Property Management on August 1, 1994. We are licensed in California.

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