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A to B Property Management offers a team of professional staff members who are more than qualified to help you manage your properties and maximize your rental income.

For example, we offer the following conveniences and services:


  • Your property is advertised free of charge to you
  • Tenants then call our office so that you will not be inconvenienced with answering the calls
  • We use videos of the home that is posted on our website so prospective tenants can see the property at their convenience

Tenant Screening

  • We eliminate your headache of dealing with applicants and turning them down
  • Check rental history with the current and previous landlords
  • Call present employer
  • We check the credit report
  • We’ll show the property

Lease agreements

  • Most importantly, we use only industry-standard legal forms for the rental agreement

Collection of Rents:

  • Rents are collected promptly and efficiently
  • Late payment of rent is followed up immediately
  • Notices are sent if rent is late
  • Late fees are collected if applicable
  • Money is deposited into our Real Estate Trust Account

Maintenance and repairs

  • We have qualified vendors to maintain and repair your properties and respond quickly to repair requests
  • We perform annual inspections to ensure properties are in good condition

Bookkeeping services

  • The following services are provided to eliminate the hassle of paying these expenses:
  • Management fees
  • Loan payments
  • Homeowners dues
  • Insurance
  • Property taxes
  • Maintenance and other expenses
  • Owners are paid monthly
  • Monthly and yearly reports are given to you
  • Sales

We have qualified vendors to maintain and repair your properties and respond quickly to repair requests. Discover more about our South Bay rental management services. We perform annual inspections, establish fair market rent based on your property, and collect rent promptly and efficiently.

In today’s market, hiring a professional is more important than ever. If you need to find someone you can trust, look no further. Learn more about how we help our clients achieve success.

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