Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy lists and enumerates the privacy practices and policies established by These policies and guidelines are to be applied to any and all information entered and / or accrued by this web site. This privacy policy has been designed to notify the user of the following points:

  1. Any and all information that can be personally identified, and which is collected through the user’s navigation of the web site, the usage it is applied to and any persons it may be shared with.
  2. Any and all options available to the user in regards to the application of any personal data entered and / or collected by this web site.
  3. Any and all security procedures and / or measures which have been implemented to protect and safely keep the user’s information.
  4. Any and all options available for the correction of any mistakes, inaccuracies, and / or omissions in the information provided by the user or collected by the website.

How we collect, use, and / or share your information

A to B Property Management is the only owner of any and all information collected on its web site. We are bound by law to access only the information provided by the user in a voluntary manner whether through email or any other form of direct contact. The information provided by the user will not be sold, rented or otherwise supplied to any third party unless so requested by the user.

The information provided by the user will be used to supply a response to any inquiry initiated by said user. This information will not be sold, rented or otherwise supplied to anybody outside the company unless it is deemed necessary during the fulfillment of the user’s request, such as during the shipment of documents.

A to B Property Management may choose to use your contact information at a later date to provide information on new listings or services, as well as any modification of the present privacy policy. If you would like to avoid any future communication from us, you are free to do so by informing us via email.

As a User You Have a Right To Control Your Information

All our users have the choice of opting out of any future communication from or with us at any point in time. The user can cancel at his or her leisure by calling or sending an email to the address or telephone number provided on our web site. In the same manner, you can contact us to verify any data we may have about you, if applicable, make any pertinent changes your information, request the deletion of your personal information, and / or receive any answers to questions you may have about the manner in which we use your information.

The Safety of Your Information is Our Priority

As a safety conscious company we take all the necessary precautions to keep your information safe and protected from third parties, whether online or offline. The collection of any data that could be considered sensitive, including but not limited to credit card information, bank account numbers and others, is encrypted for its transmission in a secure manner through the use of specialized software. This can be verified through the existence of a lock icon which can be located either at the bottom of your browser or at the top left corner of its address bar. Another indication to help you determine you have established a secure connection with our web site is the term “https” at the start of the address on your browser.

Updates and Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy can suffer changes over time. Any and all future changes will be published on this web page for public viewing.