Tenant Screening in San Jose How to Find Good Tenants

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The tenant screening process in San Jose is an issue that can cause landlords a lot of trouble.
Tenant screening is a process that requires knowing the correct and most up to date legal information to keep yourself safe and out of trouble.

Tenant screening is one of the main reasons property owners seek professional property management in San Jose. This is something we do every day at A to B Property Management and it is vital to brush up and take note of these pointers.

  1. It is important to charge an application fee. This serves 2 purposes for you. It will cover the expense of the credit check and divert people who know they won’t qualify which will save you time.
  2. When you receive an application from a potential renter you should first check the application and make sure that the entire form is filled out including all of the requested documentation. This will save you a lot of time and effort because people typically don’t fill out what they don’t want you to know! You need to uncover any red flags.
  3. You need to ask probing questions about things that are appropriate to the rental of the home and their qualification. Ask about their salary and credit situation and then compare what they tell you to what you find in their credit report. Verify employment and obtain a list of previous landlords, get phone numbers and make your calls.
  4. Make sure you know the law. California is a very diverse state, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a landlord it is important to know and follow the fair housing laws and avoid any possible discrimination. You cannot refuse any tenant based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disabilities.
  5. Be through, make sure the facts check out and that you have done the best you can do to screen your applicant.

These steps are what separate the professional from the amateur. If you are uncertain of your ability to perform these actions correctly get educated or call a property manager.

Don’t get burned!

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