13 Reasons for Landlords to Ditch the DIY And Hire A Property Manager

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13 Reasons for Landlords to Ditch the DIY And Hire A Property Manager

If you’re a DIY landlord managing your properties, you might be wondering if there’s a better way. Here are 13 reasons why hiring a property manager could be the game-changer you need:

Peace of Mind

Managing properties yourself can be time-consuming and stressful. Even as a licensed real estate agent myself, I have a property manager for my out-of-state property. The convenience of not worrying about it is worth the 10% monthly fee. Entrusting your property to a professional manager provides peace of mind, knowing that your investment is in capable hands, reducing stress and enhancing your overall property management experience.

Maximizing Investment returns

The common misconception is that property managers are an unnecessary expense. However, a true professional manager does more than just collect rents and pay bills. They have the expertise to save costs and, more importantly, make you money. Consider the time you spend managing your own property—let’s say 10 hours a month. If valued at $10 per hour, that’s $100 per month, which isn’t contributing to your cash flow. A skilled property manager, on the other hand, can leverage their experience to enhance your investment returns, often covering their own fees through savings and increased income opportunities.

Time Savings

If you’re spending considerable time managing your own properties, it’s essential to recognize the value of your time. A property management company’s role extends beyond mere administration; they handle day-to-day operations, emergencies, and tenant issues, allowing you to focus on strategic decisions and growing your real estate portfolio. Time saved can be redirected towards higher-value activities, making your investment journey more efficient and profitable..

Geographic Convenience and Local Expertise

Property management often requires physical presence and local knowledge. If your rental properties are spread across different neighborhoods or even cities, managing them efficiently can be a logistical challenge. A local property manager provides geographic convenience, promptly addressing on-site issues, emergency electrician needs, property inspections, and working with local vendors. Their familiarity with the area enables them to navigate neighborhood dynamics, market trends, and potential challenges unique to each location.

Whether it’s responding to maintenance emergencies or conducting property showings, a property manager’s proximity ensures quick and effective on-the-ground management. This local expertise is particularly beneficial when it comes to setting competitive rental rates, understanding local tenant demographics, and adapting to changes in the real estate market.

Additionally, property managers often have established networks with local contractors, maintenance crews, and service providers. This network can result in cost savings for property owners, as property managers can leverage their relationships to secure competitive rates for repairs and maintenance.

Efficient Marketing and Property Advertising

Property managers bring a wealth of experience and strategic know-how when it comes to marketing rental properties. Effectively advertising a rental property involves creating compelling listings, utilizing various marketing channels, and understanding the local rental market trends. Property managers are well-versed in these aspects, ensuring that your property receives maximum exposure to potential tenants.

Professional property managers leverage online platforms, social media, and other marketing tools to reach a broader audience. They have the skills to highlight the unique selling points of your property, making it stand out in a competitive rental market. This proactive approach minimizes vacancy periods, ensuring a steady income stream for property owners.

Additionally, property managers have the expertise to set optimal rental prices based on market conditions, ensuring that your property remains competitive while maximizing returns. Their knowledge of local rental markets allows for informed decisions on pricing, attracting quality tenants who are willing to pay a fair market rate.

Tech Integration

Property managers leverage cutting-edge property management software technologie lke Appfolio to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. Tech integration includes features such as online rent payment portals, maintenance request systems, and digital lease management platforms. Property managers ensure that your property benefits from the latest advancements, providing tenants with convenient and secure ways to interact with the property.

Trial Basis for Less Favorite Properties

Landlords can consider a trial basis for property managers, starting with their least favorite properties to assess the value they bring.

Tailored Leasing Fees

Negotiate leasing fees with property managers; a good manager should be willing to discuss a fair, flat fee for leasing. This ensures transparency and a mutually beneficial fee structure. We would be happy to schedule a consultation and explain how we help our cients save money by reducing vacancies, turnover, and maintenance costs, thus making the process worthwhile.

Incentives for Low Turnover

Some landlords prefer a fee structure that incentivizes property managers for achieving low turnover, ensuring they align with the landlord’s goals. Discuss your specific needs with a local property management company. They may offer customized solutions tailored to your portfolio and goals.

Cost Savings on Insurance

A property manager provides swift and effective responses to emergencies, safeguarding your property and tenants, leading to savings on insurance premiums. Managers prioritize property safety and risk mitigation.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Tenant selection is a critical aspect of successful property management, and a professional Property Manager brings expertise in thorough tenant screening. Effective screening involves assessing potential tenants’ rental history, creditworthiness, and background checks. Property managers have access to comprehensive tenant screening tools and databases, enabling them to identify reliable and responsible tenants.

A Property Manager’s experience in evaluating tenant applications goes beyond surface-level considerations. They can identify red flags, assess rental histories, and make informed decisions to ensure that your property is occupied by reliable tenants who are more likely to pay rent on time and treat the property with care.

Professional tenant screening not only reduces the risk of rent defaults and property damage but also contributes to a more harmonious landlord-tenant relationship. Property managers are skilled in navigating the delicate balance between tenant rights and landlord interests, resulting in a more secure and stable rental environment.

Property managers are professionals equipped to handle a range of challenges, from lease negotiations to property maintenance. They possess the knowledge to navigate legal complexities, ensuring you stay compliant with regulations. The cost of a bad property manager can be significant, emphasizing the importance of finding a true professional. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and investing in a skilled property manager is an investment in risk mitigation and peace of mind.

Similarly, navigating the legal landscape of rental properties requires a deep understanding of local, state, and federal regulations. Property managers are well-versed in landlord-tenant laws, fair housing regulations, and eviction processes. By entrusting your property management to a professional, you mitigate the risk of legal pitfalls and costly mistakes. A property manager ensures that your operations align with the law, reducing the likelihood of legal disputes and potential financial repercussions.


If your property portfolio grows, property managers can scale their services to accommodate your expanding business. Additionally, large-scale landlords may benefit from property management once they reach a sufficient scale, enabling them to command better rates and services.

Making the switch from DIY to property management might be the key to maximizing your real estate investments. Consider meeting with a South Bay property management company to discuss your unique needs and explore the possibilities.

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